Meu Esconderijo


  1. Com um esconderijo desses, melhor nem sair de casa! Lindo tudo! bjs, chica

  2. What kind of tree is that? I love it. The clouds and flowers are lovely. I also like the picture of you.

    1. Thank you very much, Emma! It's is a cedar tree, and it has a story... it was planted more than 60 years ago, before we moved to this house. The person who planted it was someone connected to Getúlio Vargas, one of Brazil's President. His name was Carlos Lacerda. He plotted against the President, and because of him, Getúlio vargas' government suffered a coup d'etat. Soon after that, the President committed suicide. When I moved to this house, some of my neighbors told me this story. It was confirmed by the woman who owned the house before us. She said that Carlos Lacerda and her husband were friends. I don't know if this story is true, however.

  3. Perfeito relax com a natureza. Acolhedor e aconchegante!

  4. Concordo com o que disseram acima, eu nem sairia de casa.
    Abençoado seja, cada vez mais! Meu carinho Ana.


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